About our Founder

My name is Tracy and I founded this company with the dream of helping people in many areas of their lives by providing products that are durable and will make tasks easier. I would love to have people interact on blog posts and social media because I don't just want a business; I want a community of people that support each other and to give people a place to go to voice their opinions and concerns, to have people they can talk to. This is a big reason why the company name is Vintage Living Homestead.

I have a grown son that is married to a wonderful woman and I am very proud of both of them. They have given me the two best grandchildren anyone could ask for. I have chickens and some rescue cats. I love to garden, learn new things and spend time outside.

I welcome everyone to come sit around the virtual kitchen table, have a cup of coffee or tea and have a chat. Start a conversation or reply to a post on our Facebook page  or comment on our blog posts and let's get to know each other and find new friends.