Why You Should Grow Your Own Groceries

The first grocery store was a Piggly Wiggly that opened in 1916, next was King Kullen in 1930 but they were scarce through the country. Grocery stores became more popular in the 1950’s and started spreading throughout the country and the world. Before that people grew their own food and what they couldn’t grow was purchased at places more like a general store where you gave a list to the clerk and they selected and bagged your food for you. People had more food independence then. Most of what they purchased were things they couldn’t grow themselves, like sugar, rice, flour because they could buy in bulk and the flour sack bags were repurposed into clothing. We need to get our independence back and one way is to grow our own food so we know what’s in it.

The cost of buying groceries is going up, packages are smaller, more and more shelves are barely filled or are bare and seemingly mostly in rural type areas, finding seeds is also getting harder every day. People all over the country are reporting going into grocery stores and seeing very few items being stocked or the shelves are bare. There are issues with supply chains worldwide. It's been reported that China has to import a lot of the food they feed their people because they can't produce enough even though all countries seem to import and export the same things there doesn't seem to be enough for the world. They are importing record amounts of soy beans, corn and pork from the United States. They have been hit with floods, droughts, typhoons and pest infestations. Not only that but there are extreme water shortages and 80% of their water is polluted. Clean water is not only needed to grow crops but for livestock as well. If the United States doesn't do something about cleaning up our water we'll be in the same situation soon. 

With everything that's being done to our food like geo-engineering or as it's better known, genetically modifying, it’s more important more than ever to make sure you have healthy, unmodified food to eat in order to stay healthy. The best way to do that is to grow your own. The next best way is to buy from local farmers markets. The third best way is to buy fresh organic foods from your local grocery store.

I’ve been trying to get certain seeds and most websites are out of stock of all the main crop seeds. Most of what you can find are the ones that aren’t as common and even those are getting harder to find. Any time you can find seeds is a good time to start buying them and then save seeds from what you grow so you always have a continuous supply for you and your family. If you don’t have enough land to grow a full garden or if you live in an apartment or condo you can grow in containers on a patio or balcony.

Do what you can where you are. You can start growing your own groceries with these seeds we sell and I’ll be trying to add more as I save them this year. I’m hoping to have brussels sprouts  seeds soon. You can use these sustainable bags for harvesting and storing some of your homegrown foods. These reusable silicone storage bags work great in the freezer, are able to be washed in the dishwasher and keep your foods fresh. And be sure to decide how you want to preserve your harvests. You have the options of canning, dehydrating, freeze drying, freezing, fermenting, curing, etc.

Even though we're in the middle of summer it doesn't mean you can't still grow something. You still have a few months to start a fall garden to be able to grow crops that grow best in cooler weather. By the time summer is over those plants will take off when the cooler weather rolls in.

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