Why Should I Use a Bamboo Toothbrush?

Part of homesteading is being sustainable. This shouldn't apply to just being able to provide food for your family by growing a garden and canning. This should apply to other items you use on your homestead. As homesteaders we should try to use as many natural and organic products as we can from using organic fertilizers and avoiding dangerous pesticides and herbicides to seed saving to natural cleaning and health products to sustainable products such as cotton bags for shopping and storage and the tools we use whether inside the home our outside. That's why we have bamboo toothbrushes on our website.

Bamboo is an all natural plant that is completely biodegradable, making it a renewable and sustainable resource. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth so there's not much of a chance of running out. Bamboo has antibacterial properties, is organic and doesn't require fertilizers or pesticides.

Why else should I use a bamboo toothbrush?
Bamboo toothbrushes dry much faster than plastic and they are much lighter in weight so this makes them convenient for taking on trips, keeping one handy when you're on the go in case you need one.

They are a healthier option to avoid ingestion of chemicals that can leach out over time due to plastic being made from the petroleum industry. We've all seen the pictures and ads showing all the trash in our oceans and environmentalists talking about how much plastic that marine life is swallowing and thus killing them because plastic does not degrade nor digest in your body. And, who wants to eat fish that's been eating plastic? The saying that you are what you eat is true. It's also true that you are what your food eats. If you eat meat that's been given antibiotics and fed a horrible diet, that in turn goes into your body when you eat that meat. The same goes for what a fish eats.

They are stylish, natural and will look good in your bathroom. Natural is what people want now; natural wood, natural colors, everything natural, why not your toothbrush too?

You can reuse your toothbrush after you've retired it from tooth brushing. They can be used to clean hard to reach spots like behind your sink faucets, use them to scrub stains in clothing, clean the air vents in your vehicle, you can also remove the bristles for recycling then use the handle to hold up a houseplant that needs a little support, use as a marker in your garden or for a potted plant, use them for crafts. Once you've exhausted all the ways to reuse your toothbrush handle you can compost it.

Now that you've decided you need a bamboo toothbrush, click here to buy the multi-colored bamboo toothbrushes or here for the wavy head bamboo toothbrushes and here for the children's toothbrushes.


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