What You Need To Know About Marigolds

All marigolds are native to Mexico even those labeled French or African. These are one of the easiest flowers to grow and are not picky about the type of soil they're planted in, although they do like to have good drainage. Once they take off growing you'll have beautiful flowers from spring until November in some areas.

They attract beneficial insects to your garden to help with pollination or to help protect your plants from other harmful pests.

The roots and stems help reduce root knot nematodes. When planted near cruciferous plants they can protect against cabbage worms, tomato plants from horn worms and is a good companion plant to bush beans, squash, cucumbers and eggplant.

What else are Marigolds good for?

They have been used to make natural dyes for fabric and foods.

And here's something most people probably don't know; the flower petals are completely edible and can be fed to chickens for nutrition and helps eggs yolks to be orange in color instead of dull yellow like grocery store eggs. The flower petals can also be added as garnish to various dishes or added to salads and are sometimes ground and added to spices or dried to add to tea blends.

When the plants die back in the fall, till them into the soil and allow them to break down to add nutrients back into your soil.

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