One of My Favorite Childhood Memories

Do you want to know what one of my favorite childhood memories is?

You do?

I thought you might so let me tell you.

When I was little my grandma taught me how to crochet. I remember sitting next to her and her showing and telling me step by step how to do it. She had a lot of patience with me as I learned, messed up stitches, had to take the project apart and redo it. It was quality time spent together and I think that's what we both wanted, although I was too young to know that at the time.

As we both got older arthritis crippled her hands and she had to give up crocheting and teaching me. It was one of the things she loved to do and it broke her heart to have to stop making things for people. She ended up giving me some of the yarn she had from projects she either never started or never got to finish. I still have that yarn. I've made a few things with it but most of it has never been used.

I dabbled with crocheting off and on for years but after she passed I stopped because it was hard having memories come flooding back of that time spent with her that I'll never get to experience again. Years later I decided to pick it up again and found that it brought back those special memories and brought me closer to her.

One day I decided I was going to crochet a whole afghan and I did. I ended up making one big enough to fit on a queen size bed. It took a long time and a lot of hard work but I think she would have been proud of me for starting and finishing it and now it's for sale on our website. It's one of a kind. I will not make another one like this. Maybe one day I'll make a smaller one. In the meantime, I still crochet but mostly smaller items and sometimes it makes me cry because I miss her so much but it also helps me to relax.

I hope someone will buy it and create special memories with it like the memories I have of spending time with one of the most loving, caring people I've ever had in my life.

Go to our Handmade Crocheted Afghan page to purchase it and create some special memories.


And here is our Red, White and Blue Basket.

And our Sunny Day yellow basket. 

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