The Most Comfortable Wintertime Bed Sheets


Most everyone uses them and we all have our favorites. Growing up there was only one kind that we used year round and they were cotton or a cotton blend. Now you have all different kinds to choose from. There's cotton, cotton blends, satin, linen, flannel, microfiber and micro-fleece.

Then you have the thread counts that vary from about 300 up to 1800. I've had sheet sets from various thread counts and the lower the thread count the sooner you'll have to replace them. Every single set of low thread count sheets I've ever had never lasted more than two years and that's with switching them out with another set periodically.

Most people like to be cool when they sleep. Leave it to me to be different. When I go to bed I want to be warm. Not hot, just warm and if my head or my feet are cold I can't sleep. If my feet are cold I can put some socks on but when my head is cold I really don't want to try to wear a hat/cap to bed.

In the warmer months I like to use cotton or cotton blend sheets. In the colder months I've been using flannel sheets but sometimes I'm still cold, especially my feet and I hate having to get up out of bed to put socks on.

Someone on YouTube talked about fleece sheets in a video. She said she thought they were flannel but when she ordered them but realized they weren't when she opened them but they would work anyway. That got me to thinking and I decided I really wanted some, so during the Black Friday shopping I bought myself some fleece or micro-fleece sheets. They didn't have a color left that I really liked so I picked a brown color that was called mink.

Since it turned a lot colder Sunday I decided to put them on my bed before I went to sleep and let me tell you what, those are the most comfortable sheets I've ever used in the winter time! I love them. I put my head on my pillow and was surrounded by soft warmth. My feet were warm and no getting up to put socks on. And while I was putting them on my bed, one of my cats decided he liked them so much he was rolling all over and stretching. You could tell he was really happy and comfortable. 

My recommendation for winter sheets is fleece! If you like to be warm and surrounded by softness go get you some, now! You won't regret it.

The pictures are two of my cats that love these sheets.

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