Are You Still Having Trouble Finding Canning Lids?

For almost two years it's been hard to find canning lids and when you did find them they were either cheap ones not made in the USA or the people selling them were price gouging. 

Now that they're starting to come back into stock in some areas I'm hearing and reading about people having failures with some of the Ball and Kerr lids. Failures that never happened before with them. Some people are wondering if they've been outsourced to another country with little to no quality control. A lot of people are going to reusable lids, but let's face it, those lids are expensive and there's a learning curve to using them. And you still have to replace the rubber seals after a while. 

While people were having trouble finding lids, myself included, I happened to go into an Amish store and they were out of Ball lids just like everyone else, but they did have another kind of lids. I talked to the store owner and he told me about the other lids he had. They're made in the USA and he hadn't had any complaints about them. I decided to try them out because I had a lot of food to preserve.I started out with water bath then to pressure canning and even for dry storage that gets vacuum sealed. Those lids held up with all types canning, and no failures whatsoever.

Because so many people were saying they couldn't find lids and I knew from experience that these lids work and they're GOOD. I bought some so I could help others and we completely sold out of the wide mouth lids and came really close to selling out of the regular mouth lids. I stocked up on more for me and more to sell because I don't want to see people lose their food because they don't have a way to preserve it or they got ripped off by someone selling what they listed as Ball lids but turned out to be cheap fakes and people were having 8 out of 10 lids fail. 

I will still use what comes with the new packages of jars but from now on, these are my go to lids and I'm not going to buy the other name brand lids to replace the used lids. 

To buy our lids you can get the regular mouth lids here and wide mouth canning lids here

It would be awesome if people would give their opinions on what their experiences have been with the different types of lids. What kind do you like? Have you had any failures with the lids? Have you lost a lot of hard work because of any certain lids? Let us know in the comments.


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