About Lotion Bars and How to Use Them

What is a lotion bar? It's lotion that resembles a bar of soap but is solid lotion. The lotion bar will stay solid at room temperature or lower but when applied to your skin, your body heat will marginally melt the lotion so it can be spread where you want it.

Why is it better than lotion in a bottle? Because of it's solid form there is no need to package in a plastic bottle. Lotion bars are commonly made with natural ingredients with no fillers or nasty chemicals. The best time to use is just out of the bath/shower so the lotion can penetrate deep into the skin for lasting protection. The next best time to use is any time your skin feels dry.

How do I use a lotion bar? All you need to do is hold it in your hands to warm the bar and then rub onto the part of your body that needs to be moisturized then rub your hands around to spread it around on your skin. It will feel a little sticky at first but will quickly absorb into your skin.

Is it vegan? No, lotion bars use beeswax to give it the solid form. Beeswax is waterproof so it seals in the moisture so your skin is nourished. Lotion bars also do not contain any water so you'll need to use less than what you would with a bottle of lotion. This also means it will save you money and less plastic in the landfills.

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